Luxury Life of Hank Freid

Hank Freid is a great diving energy amongst the Manhattan Hotels Community since 1975. He is a CEO and Founder of Impulsive Group, a name of symbol and quality in Hotel business and property line.  He has a great portfolio including a large number of luxury livings hotel properties throughout the Manhattan area. These luxury properties includes 4 star Ameritania Hotels at Broadway and 54th and the Moroccan themed based Marrakech Hotel and most recent achievement, the Sanctuary Hotel established in the heart of Times Square on West 47 Th. The elegant and beautiful Sanctuary Hotel is going to prove one of the great destinations in Midtown. On the other hand Hank Freid has also several yachts which are operating in the Bahamas and Mediterranean.

Throughout his outstanding career, Hank Freid has become a symbol of success to convert neglected and old buildings into successful, respected and thriving hotels. During this process he has also helped to revive the whole neighborhoods.

For over 30 years, Freid’ s properties have been catering to international tourists and students alike, providing inexpensive boutique hotel options around the city. While these properties are aimed at the budget conscious, there is no skimping of style, comfort and decor. Each hotel holds a unique character of its own, but all provide exceptional customer service and superior accommodations. And if he is not busy to expand his luxury holdings, he enjoys his vacations in South France and Italy with his children. He is in love with boating and tennis. Also this smiling New Yorker Freid is an active member of the Susan G Cancer Foundation and Temple Emanuel. But no double, he keeps a proper balance with his work, family, philanthropies and leisure.

Hank Freid, the luxury hotels developer, is continuously looking for new things, packages and means to offer great luxury to those who look for it. He is offering several chartered luxury Yachts for $ 100,000 per week during the Mediterranean season. This offer is also applicable during the winter in the Caribbean. Impulsive, his 120 fool luxury yacht, is most recently underwent a multi million dollars renovations and refit which has made this yacht even more lavish, comfortable than before. This yacht also offer wireless internet access and Satellite TV availability from all over the globe.

Freid has some amazing and luxurious future plans in his mind. He wants to create some great packages integrating his is luxury hotels, yachts, helicopters and private jets for his guests. However a costly price tag is attached with such lifestyle hotels.

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