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For over 30 years, Hank Freid has been a driving force within the Metropolitan New York real estate community.  As CEO and Founder of Impulsive Group, the international businessman has built a remarkable brand and impressive portfolio of boutique hotels and comfortable accommodations throughout Manhattan.  His portfolio includes a growing number of luxury hotel properties including; the Ameritania Hotel located at 54th and Broadway, the Marrakech Hotel of the Upper West Side and his most recent acquisition, Sanctuary Hotel located in the heart of Times Square on West 47th Street.  Set to open in Early 2011, Sanctuary Hotel will be the crown jewel of Impulsive Group properties.  Impulsive Group, a luxury lifestyle company, also owns and charters several luxury yachts that operate in the Mediterranean and Bahamas.

Hank Freid has built his businesses and properties to cater to international tourists and students alike, providing them with inexpensive boutique hotel options. There is no skimping of style, comfort and décor.  Each hotel holds a unique character of its own and presents exceptional customer service and superior accommodations.


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